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The top 5 entry-level gins

So by now you have realised that our “Taste This” segment has become more of a booze corner really, and many of you got in touch regarding the gin. This is why I decided to start creating some boozey articles and posts now that Summer is at our doorstep and you all seem to be starting your journey into becoming alcoholics.

If you are reading this article, the gin world has become appealing to you lately, and rightly so, you do not know which gin to choose to start off. Below you will find a list of top 5 entry-level gins you should always opt for. There are hundreds of entry-level gins on the market, but only a few really impress in this category and are readily available around the island. I will only be mentioning gins with a price point below 35€ per 70cl bottle, and will leave the premium stuff for another post… Let’s go.

5. Beefeater Gin

Beefeater gin is the only original London gin still being distilled in London and the oldest gin distiller there still using the original stills for their premium stuff. Beefeater has embraced the changing market and released several products throughout the years with a range of flavoured gins, a Japanese gin, and an aged gin to name a few. The standard gin has very orangey and coriander tones which give it a very distinct flavour. I would always pick Beefeater over Gordons anytime of the day.

4. Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire is a British gin with a very rich history. It’s a gin with humble beginnings that enjoyed a growth in popularity through time and has become a staple in the gin world. Locally Bombay can virtually be found anywhere and its citrus forward taste gives it very appealing characteristics. It smooth and refreshing and always a good choice.

3. Bulldog

The youngest gin in the list is the Bulldog, which also helms from Britain but has a multi-national recipe with ingredients from every corner of the world. The Bulldog fairs well in the entry-level market with a distinct floral-heavy taste. It does have a citrus hint, but its not as strong as the others in the list.

2. Tanqueray

Tanqueray is one of the original gin distillers in London competing with Beefeater and Gordons historically, but moved to operations to Scotland due to the rise in operational costs. This is a very smooth gin which is juniper heavy and with a very dry citrussy palate. This is easily the best budget gin available and always a great choice to start your gin journey. There are several versions of Tanqueray to try, most notably the Sevilla Orange which makes a great base for cocktails.

1. Malfy

The only non-english gin on the list is also the most expensive on the list and my personal favourite. Malfy originates from Torino and during the past 5 years this product managed to penetrate the market globally and build a very reputable brand and identity. Whilst the original is perhaps the weaker from their product range, it’s still a great entry-level gin. Personally I would always choose the Malfy con Limone, which is a perfectly balanced flavoured gin. Malfy’s entire range is very citrus forward and lacks floral tones entirely, and, paired with a good quality tonic, it creates a refreshing and smooth drink perfect for our harsh summer.

Whatever gin you chose from the above list, you can rest assured you are getting your money’s worth. I have left Gordon’s for a reason. That spirit is only good for the drain. I really do not understand how most bars stock that.

Always remember to avoid driving when drinking, there are a wide variety of services to get you home safely, so do not risk it. Drink responsibly.