Divoom Pixoo Max: A Review

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It has been ages since I last reviewed something, but alas I’m back behind the keyboard trying to act mature and professional…trying. Being the man-child I am my latest ‘essential’ buy (and not an impulsive purchase fueled by my intrusive thoughts), was, the Divoom Pixoo Max.

You might ask, Matthew what the hell is a Divoom, and why do we have buffalo wings if buffaloes have no wings? Well Divoom is a gadget and electronics brand that develops LED panels and portable speakers among other things. The Pixoo Max forms part of their LED panel range which is made up on 32×32 LEDs. This display connects to your phone and allows you to upload GIFs or images in retro style giving your man-cave or PC area a nice touch.

What’s in the box?

So inside the box you find;

  • the Pixoo Max panel;
  • two suction mounts which screw into the top and bottom of the frame and are mainly used to mount the display on your car windows (to flip off tailgaters) or on glass cabinets;
  • the free standing leg attachment, which is used to allow the panel to free-stand on table top;
  • and the charging cable.

What are the built-in features?

Right out the box the Pixoo max displays the visualizer loop, so you definitely need the connect your phone and Divoom app to be able to customize and setup this panel. Through the app you can change the visualizer, set up the clock and alarm, and choose what gifs to display. The gifs can either be made by yourself using the composer or else you can access the online archive which is filled with hundreds of thousands of gifs made by the Divoom community. You can also use it to display the weather, play some basic mini games, get notifications for your social media or have a sound visualizer that changes depending on the sound detected in the surrounding areas.

What’s the experience like?

The Divoom app is extremely intuitive and you quickly get a grasp of how everything works. The community archive is huge and expansive and you really can find gifs for any theme out there. The build quality is good given the price point and the brightness levels are high, they manage to brighten up the man-cave really well. I really enjoyed playing about with the features and when you have people over, all eyes generally fall on this tiny novelty item. Perhaps the only thing I did not like, is the start up sound, which sounds like a mother board error sound. But other than that I found no issues with the device.

What’s the verdict?

Well, if like me you long for digital retro styling which reminds you of the NES and Megadrive eras, this product is perfect for you. It’s a nice touch for your set up and you will inevitably end up getting immersed in the Divoom archives looking for the perfect Star Wars gif to go in your cycle sequence. So if you are looking to spice up your set up in an innovative and unique way, this is the product for you.

Rating: 8.5/10

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