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I’m tired of writing introductory blog posts, but for the sake of our newest portal and for any new people we might reach; Hello there! (…General Kenobi)

My name is Fabian, but you can call me any adjective I deem positive. During the boredom of Covid-19’s two-year stint, Matthew and I came together creatively to come up with the small-screen local hit series ‘Revved’, which if you haven’t heard of OR it’s time for a rewatch, you can do so here.

 Being my first ever experience working in this industry it was a bit overwhelming I have to say, with all the extremely intensive planning and the most hectic filming days I couldn’t have possibly imagined. I am a very laid-back person as you’ll come to find out, and I try to avoid situations that put me in a constant state of stress and anxiety. But when the series made it to the small-screen and was doing its rounds online, the OVERWHELMING support was something I had never experienced before either.

Matthew and I are, as they say, as seen on screen. You can ask anyone who has had the dis/pleasure of being around us when we’re together. Chaotic is the word that comes to mind. So when ‘Revved’ came to an end we felt that we needed something unhindered by all the red tape we found during its production. *Clears throat* Welcome to Cavemen!

Matthew has been calling it ‘the spiritual follow up to Revved’ which I feel like is very on the nose. This portal and this podcast will be a place where both him and I can be free to express anything. As you’ve by now come to expect, this will be a funny experience for all of us. So, bookmark this portal if you are interested in having a laugh, reading some hilarious and informative blog posts and, if you like to travel, get ready for us to make your lives easier by following our Travel Blog, which will be host to tips, itineraries and personal experiences we’ve had during our travels.

Small sidenote, keep in mind that our content is not for everyone (I’m looking at you, snowflakes) so if you are easily offended, better keep scrolling. OR you can always leave a comment calling us out, which will make our day 😊

That’s it for me, we invite you to follow us and subscribe to all our socials and our podcast to keep up to date with all the idiocy we have to offer.

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