Top 10 Japanese Cars

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Japanese cars are arguably the best cars to ever be produced for the masses and during the golden era of the Japanese Automotive industry we have seen some amazing cars that keep appreciating in value whilst also captivating new generations of petrol heads.

This list is purely subjective and I have had a tough time to shorten the list to ten, and I am sure some of you will not agree with me but here it goes.

10. The Toyota AE86

Starting off the list with a Toyota… So original. The Toyota AE86 is a car which I first learned of through Initial D (great anime… look it up). A fantastic drifting car and a well balanced piece of engineering. It’s not one of the best looking classics, but hell these cars have become extremely rare and they are amazing to drive and own.

9. The Toyota Celica

Ever since its launch the Celica has been a name synonymous with the JDM scene. The oldest fastback model was dubbed the baby Mustang, and is to this day one of the most sought after Japanese classic. Some of the Celica models through the years have been impressive both on the road and in the rally scene, but there have been shitty models and that is why it stands at number 10.

8. The WRX STi Subaru Impreza

A mammoth in the rally scene and on public roads, the Subaru Impreza WRX STI is arguably one of the most recognizable and iconic rally cars ever made. This is highly regarded as one of the best rally cars ever built with Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae sitting behind the wheel during its longest winning streaks. P.S. The engine sound is pure ear sex of the highest order… Just saying.

7. The Mazda RX-7

The Mazda RX7 is a pure work of art. I used to have RX7 posters in my room and used to drool over the modded RX7s featured in Banzai magazine way back. The design is timeless and even though the engine is perhaps the least efficient/reliable engine to come out of Japan, it’s still amazing how much sheer power a rotary engine can produce.

6.The Nissan Silvia

The Nissan Silvia is a JDM classic which has dominated the drift circuits and streets since forever. It is a perpetual icon in the modified car scene all will remain there for some time. The value has been appreciating drastically in recent years and its a trend which seems to keep getting momentum.

5. The Toyota GT2000

Why am I placing the GT2000 so low in my list? Well easy… its an extremely rare piece of art that you would lucky to ever catch a glimpse of. It is truly one of the best looking vintage cars you can ever lay your eyes upon.

4. The Lexus LFA

An amazing piece of engineering with a 4.8 Yamaha tuned v10 engine which has been coined as the best sounding engine of all time. This car belongs on this list and in the list of the best cars ever made.

3. The Honda NSX

The only Honda to make it on my list, and for a god damn reason. Look at it… it’s like the embodiment of pure automotive artistry. The car is legendary and will remain highly regarded in the historical lineage of Japanese Motoring.

2. The Toyota Supra

Being a Toyota guy giving the Supra the second spot felt weird, but even though the Mark 3 and 4 are two JDM giants to be reckoned with, I was pissed off that their lineage was ruined by the later iteration, which is basically a beemer with a Toyota badge. Despite this, the Supra still ranks high in my list and is only defeated by…

1. The Nissan Skyline

Well surely you knew where this was going. This car was and is a phenomenal piece of engineering. Every single aspect of this car is a delicate balance between power and technology. This is simply the incarnation of both beauty and the beast in one amazing package. The Nissan Skyline literally is the quintessential JDM legend.

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