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A Gripping Thriller with Cole Sprouse

Podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in captivating stories and intriguing conversations. One such podcast that has been making waves and has been mentioned by us during Episode 013, is called Borrasca. Borrasca is a thrilling series that features the talented Cole Sprouse. In this review, we’ll dive into what makes Borrasca a must-listen for mystery and suspense enthusiasts.

Borrasca takes us on a dark journey into the small town of Drisking, Missouri, where a deep secret haunts its residents. The story follows Sam Walker, played by Cole Sprouse, as he uncovers the truth behind the mysterious disappearances that have plagued the town for decades. With each episode, the layers of the town’s disturbing history are peeled back, revealing a web of secrets and horrors.

The Storytelling

What sets Borrasca apart from other podcasts is its exceptional storytelling. The narrative is expertly crafted, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats as they are drawn deeper into the dark and twisted world of Drisking. The pacing is just right, with each episode leaving you craving for more.

Borrasca masterfully creates an eerie and atmospheric setting that seeps into your bones. The sound design and music perfectly complement the storytelling, immersing you in the chilling world of Drisking. As you listen, you can almost feel the fog rolling in and hear the whispers of the town’s dark secrets.

Just when you think you have Borrasca figured out, it throws you a curveball. The podcast is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. The suspense and mystery are expertly woven together, making it impossible to resist binging the entire series in one go.

The Voice Acting

One of the highlights of Borrasca is the stellar voice acting, particularly by Cole Sprouse. Known for his role in the hit TV series Riverdale, Sprouse brings his talent and charisma to the podcast, delivering a captivating performance as Sam Walker. His portrayal of the complex and determined protagonist adds depth and authenticity to the story. The actors with secondary roles were also fantastic, which is a testiment to Q-code’s eye for talent.

The Characters

The characters in Borrasca are well-developed and multi-dimensional, each with their own secrets and motivations. From Sam’s determined and courageous nature to the enigmatic townsfolk, every character adds depth to the story. You’ll find yourself invested in their journeys and eager to uncover their hidden truths.


Borrasca is a gripping podcast series that combines excellent storytelling, outstanding voice acting, and a chilling atmosphere. Cole Sprouse’s performance as Sam Walker adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already captivating tale. Whether you’re a fan of mystery, suspense, or simply love a good thriller, Borrasca is a must-listen. Just be prepared to lose yourself in the dark secrets of Drisking, Missouri.

Our Rating: 4/5

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