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Granted, given the current global situation you would think that we have nothing to look forward to, except maybe a massive meteorite crashing through our atmosphere and ridding us of this painful existence. But, the car industry is not holding back during these times and there are a couple of cars I am extremely looking forward to.

Lets start off;

1 The Gordon Murray Automotive T50

For those of you living under a rock who don’t know who Gordon Murray is, let me explain. He is a legendary Formula 1 car designer for Mclaren who spearheaded their venture into the super-car market. He single handedly designed amongst the most beautiful super-cars of our generation. He opened his own company in 2007 and started designing and manufacturing his own creations. Last year we were teased with the upcoming T50, a spiritual successor the the Mclaren F1. This vehicle sports a 650bhp V12 Cosworth, a three seat layout and only a 100 will be produced this year… Look at it!!!

2 The Ferrari 296 GTB

I couldn’t have had this list without mentioning this amazing piece of art in motion. Just looking at it makes my pants shrink. This is an absolutely remarkably beautiful car designed by angels and powered by demons. Of course being 2022, this berlinetta is a plug-in hybrid with a v6, and manages to churn a whopping 819BHP. It was developed to compete with the Mclaren Artura, and to be honest, even though I am a hardcore Mclaren fan, this beats the latter just on the looks alone.

3 The 911 GT3 RS

The 2021 GT3 looks insanely good and the performance in numbers look great. But every Porsche lover knows that once the GT3 rolls out, the crazy guys at Porsche will tweak the shit out of the engine and system to unleash their ungodly RS version. It has been spotted undergoing testing in the Nurburgring several times sporting a massive spoiler. Until the actual unveil we have no concrete info about this beast as it was kept tightly under wrap by the German brand. All I can show you are these images below which I blatantly stole.

4 The Mercedes AMG One

This project has been in development hell for some time, but judging from the news from within the AMG walls, this year is the year. This amazing piece of engineering was designed and developed with the help of F1 legend, Sir Lewis Hamilton. It sports a road-legal version of the AMG F1 hybrid engine and looks that could kill. AMG have been testing the shit out of this car to try and make a perfect super-car that epitomises what AMG represents.

5 The Aston Martin Valkyrie

This is the second ‘Road-Legal’ F1 inspired car in this list, both of which look insane and both of which have been in development hell for some time. The Valkyrie has insane aero coupled with a 1000bhp V12 Cosworth. Concerns with the reliability of this car is what is holding it back. However R and D has been working overtime in trying to iron out the teething issues. With 2022 being the launch of their new F1 facility and the set up of their new administration, it would be the right time to celebrate this with the launch of this car… perhaps in tandem with the unveil of their 2022 F1 car. Who knows…

6 The Fairlady 400 Z

Enough with hyper and super cars I can’t afford posters of… It’s time for the cars I hope I will test or own someday. Last August Nissan unveiled the next iteration of the Fairlady Z line, the 400z. This will be replacing the 370z which has been in production since 2008. This new model looks insanely good and pays tribute to the early Fairlady models which took the world by storm. it packs a new twin turbo v6. It has a body that is lighter that the Toyota Supra and an engine that produces 400bhp, outperforming the Toyota GR86. It comes in Manual or Automatic variations and a Nismo version is also in production.

7 The Toyota GR86

The much anticipated follow up to the GT86 is finally launching this year. With the name swap from GT to GR, which symbolises the tuning treatment by Gazoo Racing, we are expecting a finer tuned version of Toyota’s coupe. The looks alone look more radical compared to its successor. Early road tests indicate that the engine is far superior compared to the outgoing model and the chassis is much better too. I guess we’ll have to test it ourselves… Oh wait… the show ended…

8 The 2022 Formula One Car

I never said this should be a road legal list and it comes to no surprise that being an F1 fan I would mention this.

Look, this season’s championship battle was amazing, and this year we are going to see some wild changes thanks to the new car. The new aero design allows for more intense overtaking and less adverse reactions to dirty air. The races will be closer and faster and the cars will be running more sustainable fuel. We have new 18inch wheels with low profile tyres for the first time and sleek new aero looks reminiscent of the old days.

The battles will be more intense and we might be surprised by the performance of some of the mid-pack teams.

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