Cavemen at the Playcon

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🎮🔥 Spice, Giveaways, and Hilarity Unleashed on December 2! 🌶️🎙️

Get ready for an epic day of gaming madness as the dynamic duo, Matthew and Fabian, descend upon PLAYCON on December 2!

Hot Nut Challenge

Brace yourselves for a fiery showdown as Matthew and Fabian bring the Hot Nut Challenge that will test the bravest taste buds! Who has the nuts to take this challenge head on and win amazing prizes.


The excitement doesn’t stop there! The Cavemen hosts are teaming up with The Beer Head and The Malta Statue Collectors to bring you exclusive giveaways. From craft beer delights to exlcusive membership cards, it’s a double dose of awesomeness that you won’t want to miss out on!

Havoc Unleashed in Hilarious Interviews

Prepare for laughter and chaos as Matthew and Fabian wreak havoc with their side-splitting interviews. Whether they’re chatting with gaming enthusiasts, industry experts, or surprising special guests, one thing’s for sure – the Cavemen hosts know how to turn interviews into a riotous good time!

PLAYCON on December 2 is not just an expo; it’s a Cavemen takeover! Join the adventure, indulge in spicy challenges, snag some incredible giveaways, and witness the hilarity unfold with Matthew and Fabian. Mark your calendars for a day of gaming mayhem!

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