Cavemen Podcast S01E15: A sober start to 2024

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Welcome to a sober start to 2024! In this episode, we’re shaking things up by NOT featuring any kind of booze. We dive into Sicilian coffee in Taste This, paired with the bold flavors of Tuscan Panforte (much to Fabian’s dismay!).

Taste This – Sicilian Coffee & Tuscan Panforte: Watch the drama unfold as this segment sparks Fabian’s ire, and the bold taste of Tuscan Panforte adds a twist to our sober session.

Story Time – Unveiling the Biggest “Icks”: Get ready for a laugh-out-loud Story Time as we spill the beans on our biggest “icks” that had us cringing and laughing simultaneously.

Geek Out Session – Christmas Chronicles: Join us in the ultimate geek out session as we chat about the highlights of our holiday’s watch-list.

Tune in now on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts for a hilarious, sober start to the year!

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