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Exciting News: The New Cavemen Podcast Season is Underway!

We are thrilled to announce that the first two episodes of the new season of the Cavemen Podcast have wrapped filming! After weeks of preparation and hard work, we can’t wait to share these episodes with you in the coming weeks. Consider these two episodes as a sneak peek or a prologue to what’s to come since we are working on a separate production during the coming months. But rest assured that filming for Cavemen will restart in July.

What to Expect in the Prologue Episodes

The prologue episodes of the new Cavemen season will set the stage for an epic new concept for the show. Not one single episode will be the same, a theme which has been polarised in these upcoming episodes.

These episodes will not only serve as a taster but will be an opportunity for you guys to give us valuable feedback that will help our production team. Tell us what works and what doesn’t or suggest stuff we missed. These episodes will not only be different in premise and theme, but will also be in Maltese and English due to the guests present. This is important since we need your feedback to see if we should proceed completely in English to engage with a wider audience or stick to Maltese.

Behind the Scenes: Filming Update

While the first two episodes are ready to launch, we were blessed with several opportunities of work which have us tied down for some time. This means that filming for the rest of the season will resume in July, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about what’s in store outside of Cavemen.

Stay Tuned for the Launch

We know you’re eagerly awaiting the launch of the new season, and we promise it will be worth the wait. As we put the finishing touches on the first two episodes and gear up for the rest of the season, we encourage you to stay tuned for updates.

Follow us on social media and subscribe to our podcast to be the first to know when the prologue episodes are released. We’ll also be sharing behind-the-scenes photos, exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, and exciting sneak peeks to keep you entertained while you wait.

P.S. This season will also be launching in video format on Spotify.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the past with the Cavemen Podcast. We can’t wait to share this adventure with you!

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