Disneyland Paris: Discover the Magic by becoming broke

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The only rides I recommend skipping are the very old and decrepit rides which have been sitting stale since the 90s, and these include the Peter Pan ride and the Snow White ride. We basically queued for upwards of an hour each for a 2-minute ride, looking at old mannequins with bad wigs. This happened because they were highly reviewed by a site that is clearly written and administered by a moron.

Just outside both parks, there is the Disney Village which hosts several restaurant franchises, as well as the biggest Disney store on location, which again is a must-visit if you hate your money. There is also the Lego store and Disney jewelry stores, among others. You can also take a hot-air balloon ride, which gives you spectacular views of the parks.

Each and every night, Disneyland will host the spectacular Disney Illuminations nighttime show. The backdrop of the show is obviously the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The show combines fireworks, projections, lasers, drones, and music to create a breathtaking display of Disney magic. I have to be honest; I was a bit skeptical about this show, thinking it’s a waste of time, but I was swept away by the sheer beauty of this unforgettable spectacle. A small tip is to find a nice spot at least an hour early, on the central bridge or the central plaza, to ensure getting a decent enough view of the show.

I have to stress that August is the shittiest month to visit. The queues are extremely long, and you will not manage to do all the things you want. Do not just buy a single-day ticket thinking you will manage to see everything. Having visited there twice, I firmly believe that not even three days are enough.

I suggest trying as many rides as possible and visiting every corner of both the Park and the Studios as they offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sure, as I stated before, as a theme park, I perhaps enjoyed Gardaland more, BUT the whole vibe is unique, and there is a distinct nostalgia that helps you rekindle with your youth.

P.S. Do not depend on Uber and Bolt when at the parks. At closing time, no one will accept your booking. Make sure you have planned your traveling accordingly to avoid being stranded there. If you book one of the closer hotels, chances are you have a free shuttle service. Just outside the park, keep an eye out for pickpockets. It is a horrible issue that plagues the parks, and chances are you will be targeted. Get insured before traveling and do not carry cash with you, the entire park is Apple and Google Pay compliant.

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