F* you Summer

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Summer seemed to take its sweet ass time this year, and thank fuck for that. However the heat from the deepest pits of hell has started to rise to the surface and bake this god forsaken island. Yes this is the season to really enjoy the sea and the outdoor activities… but is it really? I am known to be a miserable angry P.O.S., but my level of anger peaks in Summer. For the love of everything holy, I do not understand how people can enjoy stewing in 40 degrees.

You can argue that Summer is needed to bring balance in the year, to enjoy the sea, and to go out. I have to respond to this with;

  1. Our winter is mild as shit, let’s not kid ourselves,
  2. We have indoor pools and the sea doesn’t have to be luke-warm piss to be enjoyed, and
  3. You can go out ALL YEAR ROUND, stop acting like you don’t do so.

Am I being a cantankerous pedant? Perhaps. However going to work drenched in sweat, feeling drained 80% of the day, and having the will to live dried out of you is not the nicest experience ever.

Maybe my age is showing, maybe my blood pressure is too high or I lead a stressful life, but I strongly believe that people who love summer have some sort of mental illness. I would remove all air-conditioners from these people’s houses so as to enjoy summer better.

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