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Cavemen Podcast 007 – Shits and Giggles

This episode is one of the most incoherent and funny episodes to date. We host Story Time, which features embarrassing stories and a very special segment where we unveil Cavemen Beer. We end the show with a Geek Out session about video games.

Cavemen Podcast 006 – Nolangasm and the Breakup

This is one of our least controversial podcast… We basically start off reading weird confessions from the interwebs and then descend into a nergasm of a conversation about Christopher Nolan. We then finish off with Matthew’s breakup story which left Fabian speechless.

F* you Summer

Summer seemed to take its sweet ass time this year, and thank fuck for that. However the heat from the deepest pits of hell has started to rise to the surface and bake this god forsaken island. Yes this is the season to really enjoy… Read More »F* you Summer

The birth of Cavemen

Just like herpes, the guys are back and more ferocious than before. Following the season finale of Revved, Matthew and Fabian have been hard at work on a new concept of entertainment surrounding, you guessed it, themselves and their shenanigans. The boys came up with… Read More »The birth of Cavemen