The birth of Cavemen

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Just like herpes, the guys are back and more ferocious than before. Following the season finale of Revved, Matthew and Fabian have been hard at work on a new concept of entertainment surrounding, you guessed it, themselves and their shenanigans. The boys came up with the Cavemen concept which is the brand that represents them as a comic duo, and this brand will stem out into several branches of media. The core platform at the center of this brand, is, the very platform you are reading this blog post on, This portal will contain the several different media poised at entertaining the different audiences by catering to different niches.

Cavemen Podcast

First off is The Cavemen podcast, which is the spiritual return of Revved and Some Guys One Mic (Malta’s first and longest running podcast). It will center around the interactions between Matthew and Fabian in a very RAW format without limitations imposed by the MBA. You will get to be a part of the inner circle of the boys and listen to their most intrusive thoughts. The show will feature several segments, including;

  • Taste this: The hosts partake in the tasting of food or drink items which vary from Alcoholic beverages, to sweets, or even full meals.
  • The Convincing: The hosts will take turns in convincing the other through a power-point presentation on something they don’t fully agree with.
  • AMAs, AITA, and other stories: The guys will read stories sent by listeners or found online with the scope of making the other laugh and share their opinion on.
  • Reviews: The guys will share their experience on a service, product or experience they went through in their typical style of story telling.

The Podcast will be streaming on Youtube in 4k (tailored for smart TV), Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music. Learn more here.

Cavemen Blog

The portal will be featuring blogs, lifestyle oriented with pieces written by both Matthew and Fabian that will range from personal reviews to opinion pieces. It will be aimed at providing light reading for those seeking something not related to politics, bad news, or something boring or over-sponsored, which seems to be the norm for local media.

Cavemen Abroad

Apart from the Cavemen blog, there will be also be a travel blog which forms part of the Cavemen Abroad branch. Cavemen Abroad aims at targeting Maltese travelers looking for travel tips and itineraries tailored for like minded Maltesers. Cause let’s face it, us Maltese are very like-minded when it comes to traveling and there isn’t a single blog or portal which really caters for our likes and wants.

Cavemen Abroad will not stop at just blog posts and articles, it will be stemming into a Web/TV series, but discussions are still underway so we can’t divulge too much about this. But imagine this… Matthew and Fabian on an unhinged adventure overseas. You get the picture so you know what you can expect.

To Conclude

The Cavemen brand aims to keep you guys entertained and informed. We want to break away from the local norms and provide you listeners, viewers and readers some great content which will put a smile on your face. I invite you to follow us on facebook, subscribe to our show and keep tabs on this space. We always encourage communication and engagement, so like us, follow us and rate us wherever you listen to your podcast.

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