Fab’s top 10 cars in the ‘Fast and Furious’ Franchise

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With the release of the latest Fast and Furious movie, the whole situation got us here at Revved talking. Firstly, how the hell are these things still getting pumped out?! … and secondly, the cars. Which cars are the at the pinnacle of the franchise? After a heated debate amongst the team, I took it upon myself to clear things up, at least from my side. Now remember, this list is purely subjective and personal and I’m sure pretty much nobody is going to agree with everything on this list. But also please take into consideration that I am an actual motoring journalist now…so… AHA

So for this list I’m only taking into consideration the original Fast and Furious movies, no spin-offs… I’m talking about you Hobbs and Shaw. Also I’m only going to list cars in the first 8 movies and not the new one that’s still in theaters. I also highly doubt that any car in the new one will make my top 10 list anyways. Sure, we’ve been teased with the Supra mk5 making an appearance, and as you well know I have developed a soft-spot for that car since we drove it for a review. If you missed that one you can read up on it here. So… let’s get the ball rolling… for family.

A little pre-cursor. Over the span of 8 movies, there was a total of 116 cars that were driven either by main or side characters, so this was a bit of a challenge to boil things down to just 10 cars. So, I’m gonna cheat a little bit by including some honorable mentions which just missed out on the front runners (yeah I know it’s a cop out but I like cars man come on)

I’m gonna keep these short:

  1. Firstly, Mia’s black Acura NSX in Fast Five. What a beauty. Funnily enough Mia has had some of the nicest cars in this whole franchise. Having driven also an Integra GSR and a Ford Gt40. Damn.
  2. Roman’s Chevy Caprice from Furious 7. Ok, reading that you’re probably like, which one is that?! Yeah people kind of forget about this car, but dude I love when they add cars that are not inherently a part of the underground racing scene. You’ll find this as a running theme throughout this list. Let’s soldier on.
  3. Man, this car made 9 year old me lose my mind when I first saw the movie. (Yes, I was nine when this one came out). Twinkie’s VW Touran in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. I was and still am a marvel fanatic, and seeing this monstrosity of a car made me so happy back then. Sure seeing it today I’d be like what the hell is that?! But nostalgia plays a big part here. This is a love/hate relationship. Also, the song that plays during it’s unveiling is iconic, you know the one!.. My life be like ooohhh aahhhh.
  4. And finally to close out the honorable mentions, Brian’s Ford Lightning in The Fast and The Furious. Yes, it’s his work truck. But I’m willing to bet that you’ll never find such a cool truck if you tried. The Gen 2 Lightning will never be topped. Here are some pictures to jog your memory:

So here goes nothing man, my top 10 cars in the Fast franchise! Starting off with number 10:

10. Brian’s Green Mitsubishi Eclipse:

Brian’s first car dude. Iconic. I remember seeing this beast in bright green which set the standard and the feel for the whole movie. This will always be the car that Brian almost ‘had’ Dom with. If it wasn’t for the ‘Granny shiftin’ not double clutchin’ like you should’ driving style that Brian sports. Also this car gave us our first taste of Dom’s one liners which became a staple for the character. This car prompted the family-loving tough guy to grace us with this beaut: ‘Doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning’

9. Han’s Nissan Silvia S15

‘The Mona Lisa of drift cars’. Han has had a number of cool cars throughout the movies he’s been in. This one is the second coolest in my opinion, it’s no secret that I love Japanese cars and the Silvia line in general is one very dear to my heart. Watching Sean wreck this baby still gets to me to this day. Sure, the livery is a bit out dated but it’s 2006 Japan man what do you expect?

8. Brian’s Ford Escort RS1600

You’re gonna notice a lot of ‘Brian’s’, but I’m sure you’ve realized that already. Anyways, this car man! This car made its appearance in Fast 6 during the whole tank fiasco scene. As I mentioned earlier, this is a kind of unusual car for Brian to drive, as he usually goes for imports. Clearly this car was added to the franchise purely for the car enthusiasts and the dedicated Ford fanatics, which I have to tip my hat to. Also those rally lights at the front. Stuff of dreams.

7. Brian’s Nissan Skyline 1972 GT-R

To add to the Ford we’ve just mentioned, an oldie but a goldie. The first edition of the skyline also makes an appearance, this time in Fast 5. Brian was obviously trying to keep on the low but still stayed true to his roots. This 1972 classic is a must-mention in my opinion, why it gets so overlooked is beyond me. I want one.

6. Han’s Veilside Mazda RX-7

Coming back to Han’s great taste in cars, his orange and black Mazda Rx-7 takes the cake. It even brings Dom’s Rx-7 to shame by sporting that aggressive Veilside body-kit. This one made it’s appearance in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and has to be the nicest looking car in the movie…at least for the good guys…

5. Dom’s dad’s Dodge Charger

This is more of a story based choice and less of a car preference per se. The scene in which Dom shows this car to Brian and tells him about how his dad and him worked on the car and the memories that brought back is one of my favorite scenes. This car also solidified Dom’s choice in cars for the rest of the series, always coming back to that American Muscle/Charger types. What a scene, what a car.

4. Takashi’s Nissan 350z

Ok, a bit of a curve ball. The 350z is no one’s favorite right? But when it comes to the Fast series, I cannot for the life of me mention a car that complimented the antagonist as much as this one. Hear me out. No other antagonist had THEIR car, throughout the series. Well, maybe Vince in the first one, but he drove a Nissan Maxima FFS. Or maybe Johnny Tran, also in the first one with the Black Honda S2000 with a 100 grand under the hood… but he mostly rode a motorcycle for the entirety of the movie. Even in the later movies, the antagonists usually change cars each scene. This 350z is the epitome of what it means when one says that the car reflects the owner, and since the Drift King was such an intimidating dude, his car surely followed suit.

3. Brian’s Nissan GT-R R-34

We’re finally in the top 3, and I can already hear the comments. ‘THIS SHOULD BE FIRST ON THE LIST’ bla bla. Well firstly, chill man it’s an article, and secondly hear me out. The top 3 was very hard to sort out. This car is probably the most well-known car throughout the entire series. This put the R-34 on the map and made the entire GT-R line legendary. The silver and blue livery is iconic. What more can I say? Sure this makes an appearance in arguably the worst movie of the lot, the second one… aaaand is only present for one race. But still, this baby is up there with the most influential builds of all time. Take a bow, Nissan.

2. The Black Honda civics

You can already picture them, the first cars to ever show on screen in a Fast and Furious movie. You see a truck rolling along the street in the middle of the night carrying what we can only imagine to be as precious cargo. Then, you hear them… the sound of the straight-pipe exhausts booming…and suddenly, three identical black Honda EJ1s with green underglow speed up behind. The rest is history.

1. Brian’s Toyota Supra Mk4s

Number 1. Yes it’s two cars but I don’t care anymore. The first movie ended with Dom and Brian facing off. Brian was driving his Orange Supra mk4… already iconic by the end of the movie. Fast forward a few years and Paul Walker’s send off is done beautifully, as the pair meet once again driving alongside one another, echoing times past. This time Brian was driving a white Supra Mk4. Beautiful symbolism. I don’t feel like I need to justify my choice of number 1. Take a look:

So, that’s my top 10! I don’t think its THAT controversial, but you’d be surprised how into these things us fans can get… I mean Matthew would probably put Brian’s family mini-van at the top spot. But hey, this was a blast to write, hope its a blast to read!

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