Life with a lowered car

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We’ve all been there, driving through Valley Road in Birkirkara, people crossing the road in every conceivable way except using the zebra-crossings, people having fits of road-rage, teens riding their BMXs next to Mc’Ds. You’re confused, scared even.

Suddenly you hit this huge ass pothole at speed. By this point you’re looking through your rear-view mirror hoping you don’t see the road behind you flooded in oil from your car.

Now imagine that exact scenario, but instead of looking back from your mirror, you look up at the sky through your sun-roof (Yes, I have a sun-roof. Impressed yet, ladies?) asking God: ‘WHY NOW?!’

Stopping at the side of the road, having to literally press your face against the pavement to see the damage, facing the inevitable dread you’re about to feel upon realizing that you’re stuck there. That’s what they usually tell you about driving a lowered car.

Well, I belong to the latter group of people, and I’m here today to tell you that it’s not all negatives. But for the sake of having a happy ending to this article, we’ll start from the bad stuff. As I’ve already touched upon, man is it scary to hear the under-side of your car slam against the road after coming off of the two storey sleeping-police that was just installed on-to the road the night before, or the same one you always forget about. And for your information, I’ve been through the above scenario a couple of times myself.

The feeling of it is not only shocking, its trauma inducing. I am scared, terrified actually, of potholes. If I used navigation apps, I’d be hearing the words ‘re-routing’ more times than the current Cardi-B hit on the radio… or whatever, I can afford a premium Spotify account… so

Speaking of a big breakfast coming back up again, the car loses a lot of its comfortability, replacing the ride-quality you’re used to, with a bouncier, less hemorrhoid-friendly ride. The experience improves by time, well…not really. You just get used to small bumps feeling like you’re off-roading the hills of the Shire from The Lord of The Rings, and imagining speed-bumps as the hobbits you’re trampling over.

One also has to consider the type of suspension you’re getting, be it coil overs or lowering springs, both aren’t cheap. Like most things though, in my experience, going for the cheaper stuff will definitely result in a worse driving experience over-all. Not to mention your tyres wearing out quicker than normal, and in some cases, a standard jack not fitting under the car.

Personally, what I’ve found most difficult, is the inner-conflict between wanting to drive at high speed (blablabla please leave me alone relevant authorities) risking leaving parts of my car behind, and the adult in me telling me to take it slow and treat the car as an investment (blablabla please leave me alone mom I’m literally 24 now)

That aside, ONTO THE GOOD STUFF. You look fire man. People might say ‘here comes the village hoodlum’, they might call you names, they might tell you to grow up. What do you say to retort? ‘They still gave me my own car-show on TV!’ Or on a less personal note, ‘It looks cool dude’.

Lowering your car gives it a whole new look, turning your run-of-the-mill car, into a potential sleeper speed-demon in peoples’ minds, giving off menacing vibes like there’s no tomorrow. Just google your favorite car and add ‘stance’ to the search-terms. Damn.

Alongside an aesthetic upgrade, given you find a suitable road in Malta, you will feel a MAJOR improvement in handling. You no longer go into a corner at speed, driving from your seat and by the end, you’re driving while sitting on your passenger’s lap. GONE are the days of dreading speeding round a corner and having the rush of it ruined by your car’s body-roll. SAY GOODBYE to the spongy-feel of the road. You gain a lot by having a lower centre of gravity. Not to mention less air-drag and more traction.

Wrapping up, if you’re willing to sacrifice comfortability for looks and road-feel, dude go for it. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but if you like turning heads, you might want to consider it. My opinion? *drumroll as if I haven’t made it obvious*

Yeah I like them.

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