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Since we launched our new portal and show, it made sense to inaugurate the blog with an introductory post. This is the millionth time writing this sort of blog which will read by no-one but, for the sake of professionalism, let me humor you. First off my name is Matthew and I have been in the entertainment game for nearly 15 years. Albeit a pedantic cunt, people seem to embrace this.

I embarked into the podcasting scene back in 2009 with The Some Guys One Mic Show, thus my affinity to this medium. After 8 years of this, I moved onto the small screen by co-hosting a local TV show called Gadgets as well as well as producing the web series Overdrive. A small hiatus from the business ensued and me and Fabian met and somehow started working on a show I had previously written and left in my pile of shame. During Covid we both put our brains together to tweak the scripts and produce Revved on a shoe string budget and a three man crew. After the series finale we could leave these creative juices go to waste, so we decided to work on the spiritual follow up to Revved which focuses on us. We procrastinated like shit for a year or so but some how we kicked off production of raw and vile podcast; Cavemen.

This show is an opportunity for viewers to get to know us better and be part of our banter, candid discussions and get some much needed comic relief. It will be a break from all the negativity, politics, and bullshit we are all bombarded with on social media. This portal will serve as the gateway to stream our show and access the Travel and regular blog Fabian and I will be updating. Yes we will have a travel blog with tips, itineraries, and other cool articles aimed at local like-minded travelers looking for an amazing time beyond our shores. For fuck’s sake keep in mind that our content is mature (albeit compiled by immature cunts) and some of you might find it offensive. So for the love of god if you are easily offended leave this platform and start a new hobby like knitting or craft beer.

I hope you will enjoy what we have to offer and I invite you all to follow us, subscribe to our podcasts were ever you listen to podcast, and drop a review.

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