Top 5 Car Chases in Film

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As an avid movie enthusiast I love to see how different directors tackle car chases. Car chases generally work as action packed openers to movies or as a peak action sequence to break away from the drama and get your adrenaline rushing, if done well that is. So here below I listed the top 5 car chases in film according to me.

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5. The Bourne Identity 2002

An old mini-cooper with Jason Bourne behind the wheel, several French Police men on bikes without baguettes in traffic-heavy Paris and with electronic music playing… this shit writes itself. But seriously speaking, this chase sequence is action packed from start to finish with the most iconic scene being the mini driving down a flight of stairs as Police bikes close in.

4. Baby Driver 2017

A fairly recent movie that starts off with an amazing chase sequence that I just can’t get enough of… you know which one I’m talking about… the one with the red Subaru Impreza WRX. This chase sequence opens the movie amazingly and just hits that action packed sweet spot well.

3. 6 Underground 2019

This movie had its fair share of flaws and bombastic CGI sequences , but this was directed by Michael Bay after all. To be honest the opening car chase sequence of this movie is simply AWESOME. Just over the top effects, overuse of slow mo, people dying, nuns swearing… and a shocking lime Alfa Romeo Giulia zooming through the Florence… boom.

2. Ronin 1998

One of my favorite chase scenes from an under appreciated movie I grew up with, Ronin. The chase sequence happens in traffic heavy Paris (again) with Robert De Niro driving a Peugeot 406 chasing down a BMW M5 E34 as they weave through traffic and destroy everything in their path.

1. Bullitt 1968

Oh come on what did you expect? Bullitt had to top the god damn list. This car chase is legendary. No CGI and no frills. Just a 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 fastback chasing a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440 through the streets of San Francisco… god dayum.

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