Urbanista Lisbon: A Review

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I tend to buy a large amount of headphones, have always been this way to be honest. It’s a morbid obsession of mine, one of the many to be honest. Any who, I needed wanted a pair of wireless ear buds, the kind you can lose easily and always forget to charge. Someone suggested I look into Urbanista as a brand, a Swedish headphone manufacturer with a unique design.

The Design

Well the entire range of products by urbanista looks amazing. The products range from ultra minimalistic to bright and vibrant. The product is Scandinavian so of course the design is striking with subtle modernist cues. I got a pair of mint urbanista lisbon, because why the fuck not. I am fed up of having so many black pairs of headphones and seeing so many airpod knock offs, so, this is the way. The small pods have very unique ergonomics and the silicon cover and grip (the GoFit wing) really fit nicely in your ear without being painful or feel weird.

The features

The Lisbon buds have a playtime of 9hrs and come with a charging case that give the pods a total play time of 29hrs. The case charges through USB-c and features a magnetic clasp and bed for the pods. The pods themselves can control your player through touch controls on their side. You can respond or hang up with a simple tap or swipe up and down to lower or increase the volume. You get a built in MEMS microphone and 10mm dynamic drivers with a 3dB sensitivity and a 32Ohm Impedance. Not too shabby for the 50€ price point.

The Verdict

When keeping in mind the price point of this device, I have to admit that they do fair well in the pod market. Given they do not have any noise cancelling, the sound suffers a bit it busy environments. The range and stability of the bluetooth connectivity is amazing and the clarity of the mic too. Design-wise this product stand out in a very positive way, not only in terms of looks, but also in terms of comfort. They are easily the most comfortable pair of in-ear devices I have ever tried. It is a pity that the touch controls can’t be customized but hey, they are a 50€ pair of pods. When it come’s to sound I did not have high expectations to be honest. I am more of an over-ear kind of headphone guy so I knew they wouldn’t fair in the sound game. Rightly so, the sound is a little lack luster so-to-speak. The treble over powers the bass, and with the lack of isolation the overall sound dwindles. Again this is a 50€ pair of pods so I have to keep this in mind. In an office environment they do their job well. They are very versatile providing a well balanced solution to juggle between calls and light music/media listening. If the latter is what you want the product to cater for, this is best pods for the budget.

P.S. They also come in a variety of amazing colours.

Rating 7/10

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