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So last week I gave you a piece of my mind in terms of the best entry-level gins with a price point below 35€ for a 70cl bottle. Today I have decided to take the cost cap out of the way and make a list of the best 5 premium gins I tried and tested myself. This list is obviously based on my experience and my tastes and I ain’t no connoisseur nor I pretend to be one… I basically have an alcohol problem. Let’s start off;

5. Hayman’s

This multi award-winning gin is the oldest gin on the list with a 150 year old heritage. The gin is smooth and the notes are a blend of orange, lemon and spice (most predominantly fennel and coriander) while the after taste is dry and earthy. It’s a very classic dry gin with a very elegant palate.

4. 1689

1689 hails from the birth place of gin, the Netherlands, and the recipe was inspired by a historic gin recipe created by the Dutch King William III. This gin is very smooth and has distinct pine and floral tasting notes with an aniseed and spice aftertaste. It’s an amazing gin to be honest and a great choice when trying to impress.

3. Portofino

This Italian gin boasts 21 botanicals in its recipe and is extremely aromatic on the nose. This is a juniper forward gin and the tasting notes are very herbal and floral. The balance between these characteristics make this gin very summery and when served ice cold neat or accompanied by a premium tonic, it creates a very refreshing and smooth drink.

2. Greenwich

This gin is one of my all-time favourites and comes extremely close to the top spot. This contemporary gin blends together unique botanics, creating a rather unique recipe that will take you aback. The taste notes are very piney and citrusy creating a very sweet and fruity well balanced gin. It has very unique characteristics and a lasting flavour on the palate. It’s delicate yet distinct and albeit not a readily available gin (locally), it’s one of the most amazing gins I ever tried.

1. Vovis

Obviously you saw this coming. Vovis is what started my love for gin and it holds a special place in my heart. The entire process this gin goes through is remarkable and you can really tell that this is a work of passion and dedication. The tasting notes are very citrus and juniper forward and there is a long lasting flavoursome aftertaste. The aroma is very delicate and citrussy and the gin is extremely smooth and refreshing, making it a very quintessentially Maltese summer drink. You can go through an entire bottle enjoying every single sip without even realising. If you never tried this gin… do you self a favour and do so.

There you have it, my top 5 premium gins for those of you wanting to take your alcohol problem to the next level. Keep following this portal for more blog posts similar to this.

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